Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toronto: Windsor Arms High Tea

spotted on the upper westside having tea for two

This blog has now been up for two months or so. I’m sure by now I’ve painted quite a strange picture of myself. You probably know that I love to rummage the shadier sides of a city in search of dirty good eats. But you should also know then that I love quality ingredients and being catered to.  

I love sales and deals (Montreal's street sales have become crowded caves but sometimes you can find a beautiful gem, like last year when I got Havaianas for $5), but I don't shop cheap (triple ick: Sirens, Holister and Garage). 
I mock men who own Louis Vuitton wallets (I would like to meet them and introduce them to Paul as in Smith, Hugo as in Boss, anything but LV), but I relish in luxury (Bottega is my first and only one true love).
Am I complicated?  No.  Complex?  Absolutely.

The princess in me comes out when I hear the words "high tea".  I have a fascination, appreciation and love for it. The root of this ultra sophisticated ritual lies in England (afternoon tea) and Scotland (high tea).  My basic understanding is that this ceremony was created to cater to a hungry Duchess. But of course.

I welcome any quintessential ceremony that allows me to channel my inner B (as in Blair Waldorf. I don’t watch Gossip Girl, but if I did, I'd want to be her.  I fracking love Leighton Meester).  The best place for me to do this is at the Windsor Arms Hotel. They have three sittings on the weekend: 12:45, 3:30 and 6:00 pm (my favourite is the first because it leaves you the day to go shopping). 

Their tea room is elegant and inviting. They serve the best sandwiches – one bite bursts of deliciousness – and the most amazing scones – I love, LOVE their scones.

If that doesn’t convince you to stomach the cost (Full Tea at $38 per person or Complete Tea at $45 per person, on weekends. Less during the week, but what working woman has the time), then maybe this will: I, a DIEHARD coffee lover, will give up my coffee. That’s right; I will forgo coffee for tea in the name of high tea. And as any of my friends will tell you, in any other circumstance I turn from beauty to beast in 60 seconds if I don’t get my coffee. This is the power of high tea.

P.S. You can supply your own tea and get a blanket and have a picnic and get their tea-to-go: scones, sandwiches, petit fours - read here.

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