Thursday, February 24, 2011

Montreal: Amelios

mama mia!
:McGill Ghetto:

Hi. Meet the best pizza in Canada:

Next time you’re in Montreal, get to know it. Amelios has been around a long time because they serve really, really, really good pizza (and pastas and subs).  It's the kind of pizza you eat hot and fresh for dinner, and then wake up the next day to eat a nice cold slice in the know what I'm talking about it.  Dreamy sauce, old-fashioned crust, and traditional toppings.

Worth the wait?

Oh, I KNOW it is.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Montreal: M Café

snack attack

The funny thing about hunger is that it creeps up on you. The funny thing about me and my family is that we’re always hungry. So it's not surprising that we stumble into random places.  My sister and I were shopping to kill some time before dinner.  We were on our way to Holts when…

Miss J: Are you hungry?
Miss A: Yes.
Miss J: There isn't really around here…
Miss A: *frown*
Miss J: I'm hungry...
Miss A: What’s this? *points*
Miss J: I don’t know?
Miss A: I see food.

And so we entered M Café. It’s just across the street from Eggspectations (barf, I'd rather starve).

So pretty...
M Café is a corner shop of cuteness.  It had a beautiful display of macarons and pastries - exactly what I needed because I like to snack and walk – it’s more efficient. So we got croissants and macarons to-go and continued to Holts. One block later my sister was gushing about her chocolate-banana macaron, my croissant was MIA, and I could finally focus on shopping.

A little gem I happened upon.  Makes for a good story.

May 2011 Update - Still just as cute but 10X busier...Also, it's terrace time and their's lines the street.  It, too, is cute.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Toronto: Pearl Harbourfront

sometimes you win some, sometimes you dimsum

I stole that phrase from one of my favourite fam members.  He gathered a few of us together for dimsum uptown.  Now it's stuck in my head.

Every downtowner knows that one of the best places to get your dimsum fix is at the Harbourfront.  Last weekend I went...the food is a bit pricier, and not always amazing, but you get this every time, beautiful in every season:

What a view...winter wonderful
Pearl Harbourfront doesn't serve up their food with stellar service, but they do take reservations.  They also do their best to get you what you want if the dishes you're craving don't pass by on the cart.  Prices are reasonable, about $100 for four people - not bad for dimsum.

The staples - ha gow and sui mai - were hot out of the kitchen and tasty:

Don't worry, I didn't forget vegetables (although I admit, they're usually an afterthought).

And this is how I end a fried food binge.
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Lashes: Lash Accelerator by Rimmel

and another one...
 :Cheap at $10:

Of course I did get mine on sale...
Another mascara with a lash stimulating formula has happened upon us.  It was a while ago, but I've been busy obsessing over my Majorca...still's THE BEST MASCARA EVER. 

I am not a fan of all seems substandard.  But this states that lashes "appear up to 117% longer in 30 days" and "...up to 80% longer instantly".  Is that a fact?

No, but these are:

If you ask me, Day 1 looks better. 
Tsk, tsk Rimmel.
On to the next one...

Skip it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Acne Solutions Post Blemish Formula by Clinique

post-spot op
:Cheap at $18:

Clinique has a little pen to rub away your post-acne blues.  So they say, so they say...

What exactly do they say?  They say it helps to fade marks and discolouration left by pimples.  I decided to put this post-acne pen to the test, knowing it won't be a miracle cure by any means, but maybe it will do a little sumptin, sumptin:

Left: Day 1 | Right: Day 7
I know...a little up close and personal, but hey...
I'm taking one for the team cuz my vanity can handle it.
My 7 day assessment, based on experience with post-pimple management, is that it didn't really do anything more than what nature and time had/would...
Easy applicator, but save your $20.
Skip it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toronto: Clafouti

until we meet again
:Trinity Bellwoods:

First it was there...
 Today is a sad, sad day.  It is February 1st also known as my annual doomsday.  The day I lay down my wants and desires to make way for bikini season.  Mine comes early you see, March or April.  That gives me roughly two months to work out and watch what I eat, gasp.  I don't like to watch what I eat.  But if you knew what I ate in a week, you'd probably call Health Canada and ask them to school me on nutrition.  At baseline, in any given week, apart from regular meals and snacks, I like to treat myself to a Harbord Street Bakery Cheese Danish, a Clafouti Croissant, and a Dufflet Lemon Zinger.  Note the lack of 'or' and the presence of commas followed by an 'and'.  Take a minute if you don't get it.

While none of these patisseries are by my work, Pusateri's is.  And however pretentious this grocer is, and however overpriced most of their goods are, their bakery and bread section make me feel like a kid in a candy shop.

But today has come, so goodbye to all my pastry pals.  We will meet again on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I promise.  Until then, may the rest of you enjoy buttery, flaky, sweet/savoury goodness on my behalf.  Think of me won't you?

and then it was gone...

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Crazy Shine™ Nail Buffer by Revlon

worth trademarking

 :Average at $7:

Big displays catch my attention.  Shoppers had one for this "revolutionary" nail buffer.  It came on my radar a few weeks ago as I surfed the net.

It was a lazy Friday afternoon and as I sipped my coffee and ate a Clafouti croissant...I found myself reading

It creates 400% more shine on bare nails...oh yes it does:

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
Love it.