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Toronto: Khao San Road

aroi mak mak  
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Did I say it right?  Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted, and no I haven’t stopped eating or shopping…I’ve just been in the midst of big changes. Now that I’ve weathered them all, with grace and poise of course, I’m back. And what did I learn amidst all the chaos? Well, two things, the first being that your truest friends – near or far – step up to calmly guide you through, while others...well they can sit the f*ck back down. The second, and more important lesson, is that food is the currency of life. It says everything from ‘thank you’ to ‘miss you’.  I said a big thank you to a few friends with a koreatown feast.  Then I had a farewell dinner with my budgie, Cracker, at Khao San Road...

Tom YUM Kung
Now that my rant is over, follow me to Khao San Road at Adelaide and Peter. I met up with Cracker for dinner to catch up.  She's the one who told me it had opened.  When I arrived...I was a bit surprised.  It’s nothing like its sister, SukhoThai, in that it’s nice. No seriously – they’re like pomegranates and bananas.

Simple + Tasteful
And very busy...
I was surprised to read the ‘so-so’ reviews because I loved it. Yes, I was overwhelmed by intense hunger and almost jumped the waitress when she brought our dishes over, but I’ve had 24 hours to think about it, and I still really liked it. Service was slow, but it was really busy – 30 minute wait busy. Cracker and I waited patiently for our table, and we, just like the party to our left, were happy we did and really enjoyed our meal.

We started with Tom Yum Kung and since they were “out of shrimp chips” so we had squash ones.

We also had the Sam Roas (their house special Pad Thai) with shrimp. Spicy and yummy, but my favourite was the Gaeng Graree, yellow curry with beef. It’s amazing how so few ingredients can generate such big bold flavours.  I liked it…a lot…. It’s relative too considering I don’t like Thai food. I would go back for the soup and yellow curry.

Yellow curry says 'I love you', go tell someone today.
I think SukhoThai may take a back seat to Khao San Road.  While both are equally delicious food, location runs this town.

Update: August 2011

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