Monday, May 16, 2011

You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI

let the b*tch out, summer's coming...
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Something happens as the weather warms...a woman's inner diva goes into overdrive and our need for nail fashion doubles.  The average girl might be adding a pedi to her mani, but for yours truly, it means changing my nail colour every week, sometimes two times a week.  Crazy?  Aye, a wee bit, but nails grow faster in the summer so they can handle it.

This is my colour of the week.  Yum.  Mauvey-taupe goes well with my tan (oh yes, I went on vacation...).  It's sexy and sweet.

Something I hear a lot is "oh, you can't wear that colour in the summer..." - that colour?  Which colour? What, this one?  I disagree with those Little Miss Know-It-Alls.  Black, navy, grey, can wear it on Monday, switch it up to a vampy red for Friday and then colour yourself sunflower yellow on Sunday.

To those gals that disagree...

I think Cee-Lo said it best...

Sorry, I recently encountered a sa-e-ko-sista, that's my term for crazy chicks.  They don't know Jacques!  Jealousy will be their downfall, while my flag will always fly high.  You can take that to Vegas.

Jokes aside, think about it...there are some cities that never experience a Toronto winter and they never let that dictate their choice.  LA probably has the most colourful digits.

So, I say paint your fingers and toes, anything goes (except forest green or poo brown...unless you're a garden gnome, heehee).  Hands up, baby, hands up.


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  1. ♥ it, I'm obsessed with grey-ish nail color since it goes with every type of out fit =P


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