Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toronto: Trevor Kitchen and Bar II

consistently great
If I write about you twice.  I might really love you.  But who knows, really, I mean I have commitment problems.  But let's just say I do and keep it simple.

Trevor.  One of the few places I eat at consistently.  Why?  It's definitely not their toilets (stinkymagoo).  It's everything else.  I love it.  It's always good.  So I'm telling you again.  Pay attention.

It doesn't matter when I go to Trevor - weekend, weekday, holiday, winter, summer, three years ago, a month a go, or two days in a row.  It is always good.  That is pretty darn special.

This is what I had yesterday:

Ahi Tuna Niçoise - Think deconstructed...
Note that the tomato sauce ruined it for me.
This is what Cracker had:

Slow roasted pork belly...*%&#@@#
And I could eat that octopus all day and all night
I almost licked Cracker's plate...

Cracker won.  Not that it was a competition.  We finished dinner with tea for her and dessert for me.  It deserved a double Celine chest pump.  Mmmm....peanut butter chantilly...I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER (but not jelly, in case you were wondering).

Sh*t, can I get another with a side of the pork crackelin.  THAT would be soooo dirrrtyyy.  Food for thought.

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