Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toronto: Pizza Rustica

cheese anyone?
:Entertainment District:

Whoever wrote the copy for Pizza Rustica's website is really, really cheesy and has a poor command of the English language.  I mean seriously...here's a quote:

"Smart service with infectious ambiance and a fresh vibe, we create an environment where you and your friends can feel at home, relax and be free. With the right mix of homestyle cooking, great wine, company, and atmosphere create great moments!"

Seriously?  Ewwww.

I'm just going to pretend the website doesn't exist.  Because frankly, I believe you can choose what exists in your world.  I've done that...with people too.   It's amazing how I can wipe out an entire population.  

I enjoy Pizza Rustica for many reasons.  It's an easy place to grab a bite to eat.  They have a ton of choices.  It's reasonably priced.  It's family owned.  It's also "Toronto's hippest pizza joint".  Says who?  They do.  I don't agree, nor do I disagree.  I plead the fifth.

Their main location is across from SoHo and it's quaint, dark and burgandy.  Everything is a really terrible shade of this colour.  I frankly think they need a decor overhaul.  Their other location is not as bad.  It's around the corner on Wellington, near John, but is better for take-out.

Last night I met up with NettypantsNettypants is like a fiery ball of sunshine - equal parts giggle and panache. We shared the Fragola Salad because it's Nettypants' "favourite" salad.  It has strawberries (which she loves), candied pecans (which I love), goat cheese (who doesn't love cheese), cherry tomatoes (negligible), and creamy poppy seed dressing (which is her favourite).

I like their pizza but if pasta is on a menu...I'll (almost) always get pasta.  No shock then that I got the Seafood Linguine. 

My only complaint is the sauce to pasta ratio.  Way too much sauce.  There's a pool under there.  Too too much is never good, but extra extra is awesome.  For example, more shrimp and scallops in my dish would have been extra extra, but pasta drowning in sauce?  That's too too much.  (Still doesn't make sense?  I'll put it to you like this: you know how some guys have shirtless photos...yet they really should NOTand then they post that sh*t on Facebook...that's too too much.  But say you're invited to a pink-themed party, and while you detest the colour, everything is really pink.  Like this girl is not messing around - even the bathroom towels are pink, as is the hand soap...well now, that's extra extra.  And extra extra is awesome...it's like attention to detail to the 10th power.)  Sorry, back to Pizza Rustica...

Nettypants got the Pollo Pesto without mushrooms.   

All in all, it was a nice dinner out.  I will point out that I did not like our waitress.  She was pleasant...on the surface...but deep down something was irking her.

I'm off pasta for a while because I love it too much.  As for my pizza craving?  For now, I'll shove my face full of Pizza Nova because at baseline I'm more cheap and cheerful than rustic and romantic.  I'm also extra extra

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lashes: they're Real! by Benefit

:Pricey at $29:

shut the front door...just shut it...

I stole the phrasing and accent of that statement from Kristin Chenoweth...love her.

Benefit said they've gone "beyond mascara" to create dramatic long-wearing lashes. The results of their consumer panel survey got me

I had a very special party to go to tonight so I thought it was the perfect time to test it out.

Holy sh*t.  SSShhhut the front door....just shut it.

Ya, ya, I know...it's a bit chunky...but that's me, not them.  I literally brushed on a coat, and then added a quick tip coat of my purple before I ran out the door.  That is all.  If you want more check this out: http://bit.ly/theyrerealproof

Not including yesterday's post...I hadn't posted because nothing really caught my interest.   What are the chances that two NEW things came through?  It's amazing.  It made my weekend.

Love it.

cha cha tint by Benefit

:Pricey at $36:

It's here...it's finally here..sorry, I'm just a material girl in my material world. 

I have been waiting for Benefit to release their new tint...for a long time.  Sometimes I swear, I need to sleep in Canada but live in America. Especially because it's also only $29 USD.  Grr. 

When I awoke this morning, with a song in my head and a smile in my heart, I had two missions.  The first, to pick up cha cha tintCheck

Do the CHA, CHA, CHA

My sister first told me about it about a month or so ago.  I read up on it and can I say - people have WAY too much to say about products.  They analyze it to death.  You know, that girlfriend of your's that calls you to ask you 'what did he mean when he said?', 'why didn't he...?'.  I want to punch those girls.

Here's what I think about the third Benefit tint:  I love the name.  I love the easy application (please, moisturize, dehydrated skin is kryptonite to liquid blush stains).  I like the colour - "mango-tinted".  Basically a neutered orangey-pink. I doubt this colour will fly for paler complexions, but it's summer, and I'm tanned. 

My second mission was to buy a pair of the non-jean anti-tights.  Check.

Damn...I am one productive b*tch.

Happy Friday. 

Will post another brand spanking new Benefit product soon.  they're Real! BEYOND mascara. Sidebar - I HATE THE NAME.  I love new mascara releases (as much as I like movie releases...Crazy Stupid Love is coming...and in case you care?  The first trailer for John Carter was released).  Love that, and 

Love this.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Toronto: Crown Princess

crown priness(sic)
:St. Joseph + Bay:

My friend said they look like fire?!?! I don't get it either.
That's what their website tag reads.  I suppose typos are forgiveable.  I likely have a few.
Crown Princess is just south of one of Toronto's chicest intersections.  That may explain why this is no ordinary Chinese restaurant.  It's fancy, although personally, I think it's an oxymoron to say fancy Chinese restaurant. 

Crown Princess is definitely going for a regal atmosphere.  It's rich in gold and purple, with chandeliers.  Still, at the end of the day, I don't think ornate decor should translate to ridiculously jacked up prices unless the quality of the food was just as impressive.

Let's see how it fared...

On a stupendously hot Friday I hit Crown Princess for some dim sum.  Keep in mind that Chinese food is one of my least favourite foods in Toronto.  It seems limited and repetitive.  Nothing like the Chinese food in BC where it's eclectic and exciting.  

Since it's been so long since my last Chinese meal, I was looking forward to some dim sum. 

I arrived sweaty, hungry and slight cranky.  I met Minnie there and we took a seat.  I quickly cheered up in the comfort of air conditioning and the joy of a Diet Coke.  Service was pleasant but rough.  The restaurant was clean, as were the chopsticks and plates.  (Most Chinese restaurants I've been to require the patron to give their utensils a quick hot tea rubdown.)

We ordered our dim sum and they arrived hot and yummy.  Of the many dim sum places downtown, it was definitely less greasy and heavy.  We were happily satisfied.

Their dishes also got points for presentation:

We finished with some dessert - the mango pudding arrived in the shape of a fish.  That made me giggle.

The bill came to about $50 for two people; that's more than what I'm used to paying but we had a GROUPON.  Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. 

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Toronto: Patachou

i have 99 problems, and not one helps me lose weight
If there's any impression you've made of me from reading my rants, it's probably that I have zero tolerance for stupidity.  More relevant to the subject at hand, I also have a problem with self-control.  My dad nicknamed me and my sisters the three little pigs.



Case Study 1:
Yesterday I had dinner at 6:00 pm with Gigi at Canteen.  As you can see, I had a full meal.
I got home at 8:00 pm.  I was hungry.
I ate ramen and an ice cream bar.
Case Study 2:
This morning I had a muesli bagel with cream cheese.
Then at 1:30 pm I had chicken stirfry with noodles and tofu. 
At 3:00 pm I had a doughnut from Timmy's.  I effen love doughnuts. 
It's now 4:30 pm and I just got back from Patachou.  (Psst, you can get them at Pusateri's too, but I needed a break from work.)

I effen LOVE croissants.
What happened was that at about 3:40 pm I got hungry again.  This led to a craving  for a buttery croissant.  (Note I did not say "flaky" as there is a serious lack of buttery, flaky croissants in Toronto.  I will load up when I'm next in Montreal.)  Patachou is one of my favourite French bakeries.  Clafouti is another.

I have a craving.  I think about it.  I weigh the pros and cons.  I ignore the cons.  I go and get it.  Craving satisified.

I invite you to make whatever interferences you want.

Come to momma
Oh happy day.

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Toronto: Canteen

:King West:

Truthfully, I think the city is saturated with Oliver & Bonacini restaurants (but did you know they're opening yet another.  Wowzers.)

Of the seven currently operating - I've had 5.  yesterday was, in fact, number 5. 

I had a date with Gigi.  I have known Gigi a long time and she has one of the BEST laughs ever.  She was actually one of the first friends I ever made in Toronto.  Sadly, I don't see Gigi often because she no longer lives in the city, but when we do manage to come together, it's like magic. 

We grabbed a seat on Canteen's patio - shaded and perfect for people watching.  Canteen ranked low on my O&B charts because it was just average. 

My steak frites was good - well seasoned and perfectly medium rare.  I liked the garlic aioli, but I'm not sure how I felt about my steak being placed ontop dollops of ailoi.

Gigi wasn't crazy about her Fregola.  I took a bite (more like five) and had to agree.  There was something off about it - perhaps too much white wine.  Even my love of chorizo couldn't really save the dish.  Her caesar was good, but then got demoted to okay with it's overpriced status.

I know...it sounds like a bad review, but it's not.  The food was good and I'd eat there again. 

But can I share a secret, I wish O&B would stop opening restaurants and focus on one and make it the apple of their daddy's eye.  I mean really, when is enough, enough?   Just like friends, quantity does not equate to quality. 

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toronto: Brant House

why change a good thing?
:King West:

Brant changed owners.

Before food was good - overpriced - but good.  Went well with happy hour drinks - $3 until 11:00 pm.

Now, food is good - overpriced - but good.  Doesn't go down so well if happy hour ends at 8:00 pm.
No one liked the dips.
One person liked one.  I liked another.  And yet another person liked the third.
Therefore, we did not like the dips.

I was NOT kidding when I said I LOVE FRIES. 
I eat them anytime I see them on a menu. 
I need help - I admit this.

I know what you're thinking...whathu--- happy hour ends at 8:00 pm?  Now guess what I'm thinking?  

Absolutely nothing.  That says everything.  Happy Tuesday.  And yes...a beauty post is coming. 

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Toronto: Salad King

thai curry in a hurry

:Yonge + Dundas:

A cafeteria style Thai restaurant.  Cheap and cheerful, and still good.  Not really more to say. 

Need a quick bite between whatever it is you're doing down there, then go thai.  That's what I did.  Watched me some X-Men then had me some curry. 

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Concealer by Clé de Peau Beauté

say that again?
:Pricey @ $90:

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!  I'm currently bopping to the tunes of the awesome (not really) music blaring from the house across the street.  Evidently Canada Day celebrations call for some Rihanna mixed in with Hathaway...I guarantee the punks in there have no idea who Hathaway even is...I know this because they are singing the lyrics all wrong...

Soooo on our country's birthday I would like to give you all a reason to roll your eyes - meet the world's most (or one of the most) expensive concealers.  It's up there with la Mer when it comes to indulgence.

Personally I have used it once.  That was enough.  Seriously.  It goes two ways - I used it once because I'm only crazy enough to spend that much money on concealer ONCE.  And ONCE was all I needed to be sure it was indeed superb and could live up to its pricetag.  It's hefty...brace yourself:

$90, let's just round up and say a bill.


It's worth it if concealer is your go-to.  It is especially effective for dark circles under the eyes, and the odd freckle here and there.  There is nothing this stuff cannot hide, and to perfection.  The texture is just right.  The colour is just right.  The longevity is just right. Even little miss Goldilocks could not argue.

AND NOW...dun dun dun...it's finally availble in Canada at Holts.  Thanks Aerie - if she hadn't have shared, I wouldn't have known I could get it here.  Now go drop several hundred dollars at the counter there.  Maybe they'll give you a smile with that.

P.S. I haven't tried any of their other products because nothing is as revered as its concealer.  I suppose if I didn't have extraordinary expenses coming up I might.  Maybe in the fall.  I'll let you know.

Update: I just discovered that Clé de Peau is actually under the same umbrella as Shiseido.  That makes me love it more.  Not the same company, but same family, as it were.  Huh.  And I do love Majolica.  They're Shiseido too.

Like it.