Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vancouver: Juno Sushi

ho hum

We ate:
Age-dashi tofu $5
Chicken Kara-age $7.50
Kabocha Croquette $7.50
Which of the above were over-priced and not very good? Answer? 

All of the above. 

A valuable lesson. Modesty in food parallels modesty in humans. If you're truly awesome, you never say you are; if you do, you're overcompensating because you're not. "BEST SELLER!" "BEST IN TOWN"...I think not.

I did like the dynamite roll. It was better than average.

As a sidebar I have to say something about the ebi mayo, even though I have (for the most part) left my many negative comments to myself.  This was a huge let down because I would really prefer it if people would leave classics alone.  Only a certain amount of liberty should be allowed with things that are innately good. Only be creative if you're positive you are making it better. Juno's version did not. Please. You're ruining it.

Ebi no no

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