Thursday, July 18, 2013

New York: Bouchon Bakery

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:Midtown West:
Two weeks in the east has left with me with so much to share. It also left me with a loud wake up call - when life calls, deal. Burying things causes fissures. Fissures cause instability. When sh*t hits the fan you can run...but it will take years to get away. Instead, I took 24 hours. 
I'm back on solid ground now, and back in Vancouver.
The best moments of my trip include Brooklyn, old faces at The Standard, a visit to my favourite hair stylist in Montreal, home cooked meals with my favourite families, and one drunken awesome meal on Ossington.
Let the chronological highlight reel roll, beginning with the city that never sleeps -- New York City. 

A 630 am arrival was perfect. I had a long overdue date with myself at Bouchon Bakery and MoMABouchon's macarons made me a convert. Sure I'm late to the party, but I never much liked doing everything the majority did. 
They were chewy, delicate, and really, really good.

Pistachio - Perfect texture
Perhaps the best in North America.
Note: They travel well. They can be boxed and saran-wrapped. I was told they would maintain their freshness up to a month in the freezer. Oh really? I can attest to the fact they do. They made it to their final destination intact and still tasty. The sister didn't get her's for a week-and-a-half. These delicate micro sweets went from New York City to a Toronto freezer to our Vancouver fridge to her tummy. Happy ending.
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