Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vancouver: The Kitchen

stick a bow on it
:West Point Grey:

Yes, that's the name. Now tell me, what do you think they serve? I wouldn't have guessed it, but it's Korean. This place was never on my radar since I don't venture out to Point Grey/Kits often. I learned a few things from this lunch. The most important being that I should get out of my ten-block radius. 

I like having a support system when I end up neighbourhoods I don't know. Thank goodness Ceecee was with me. Not sure I would have survived the trek without her. Fine, it wasn't a trek per se, but it was definitely out of my comfort zone. Now that I've been around the block, I can't wait to go back - saw so many little shops and storefronts that were calling my name. They're going to blow my wallet wide open.

The Kitchen closes at 3 and we got there at 2:40 and they were sweet to let us stay. That right there is the sign of a family owned restaurant. They care enough not to shut the door.

It's a really cute space with a cute name. Put together like a little gift. That may be why I didn't mind that the food wasn't 100 percent true to home. It was good but a few things were more Western than Korean. For instance the separate side dishes. While polite and a more common trend, is not the norm. We Koreans usually stick our chopsticks in the same dish and sip out of the same pot. Double dipping is the norm. 

I would go again, but I wouldn't order what I ordered:

Hwaedupbap - our version of  chirashi. Salmon and veggies over rice mixed together with gochujang - a savoury, slightly sweet, spicy sauce. There were alfalfa sprouts. That was a first and last for me. Mommma GG said many people use it because it's easier to find than the traditional snow pea shoots.
Ceecee and I also shared the dumplings. Delicious, even if they weren't handwrapped in the back. That may be asking too much for a little shop. 

And finally Ceecee's kalbiI enjoyed the cuteness with which they served it:

Overall, the food is good and the prices are reasonable. So do I the know-it-all Korean endorse it? Sure do - for what it is. It's not Korean food for the Korean people, but it is Korean food for the people. I ain't mad at that. FYI, neither are Urbanspooners. They love them some Kitchen eats.

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  1. Lol...yes, that one express bus ride is know I got your back...unless you are tripping down the stairs ;)


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