Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vancouver: Tartine Bread & Pies

sweet tooth
:West End:

RESTO open Monday to Saturday, 7 to 7 and Sunday 7 to 6
@770 Beach Avenue Google maps

Must eats:

Banana Cream Pie ($18)

Morning...today is a special day. One of the few days my black heart is pink. I woke up to a lot of love from near and far and well...it actually started coming in yesterday - in the form of sushi, ginger molasses cookies, some of my favourite travel necessities and PIE! 

I love pie...almost like I love doughnuts. Lately I've been all about coconut cream pie, but Jubilee told me about Tartine and its awesome banana cream pie. It's in my hood but I just never got around to popping in. Then my special day rolled around and Jubilee, being the sweet bug she is, brought one to me. She's actually like a little fairy, sprinkling her infectiously happy pixie dust here and there and basically everywhere.

That pie was everything I wanted and needed it to be: a flaky delicious crust filled with a pillowy cloud of whipped delight, bananas and banana cream. Trifecta of delicious - ohhhh ooooh ahhh yumness.

Now I must try their other pies and treats. What a happy way to start a year older.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Vancouver: Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana

friendly neighbours
:Commercial + Grandview:

RESTO open Tuesday to Sunday, 5 to 10 pm (to 11 pm Friday & Saturday)
@1190 Victoria Drive Google maps

Must eats:

Quattro Fromaggi ($16)
Fior di latte ricotta, smoked provolone, parmigiano
Homestyle meatballs in tomato sauce

Via Tevere is hidden on a tree lined street and isn't the easiest to get to - but it is worth the trek.

Best neapolitan pizza in the city. Well crafted pizza. Yes crafted. It's simple but it's in the details. Crusty, chewy crust with flavourful sauce with just enough depth and a cornucopia of fresh ingredients. Delicious. Bon appetit!!!

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vancouver: Bambudda

generation new

BAMBUDDA open Tuesday to Sunday, 530 to midnight
@99 Powell Street - Google maps

Full post a little farther down, but if you're becoming like me where you don't care why and just want to know what, here are the must eats. If you go, you must:

Potato vermicelli, oyster mushrooms, cilantro sauce vierge ($13)

Crisp oysters, house maggi glaze, egg crepe ($11)

Pork belly,  taro, fermented tofu and lime ($19)
Bambudda has been around a while, but I am weary of modern Chinese or Nouveau Chinese or whatever the kids call it these days. Like many trends, ill qualified people jump on the wagon. If I was driving that cart, I'd hit enough bumps to eject them from my ride. Bambudda can stay on, cause I said so and so did they.

I had dinner with some straight shooters so I'll take my inspiration from them and keep this to the point: Bambudda is worth a visit. There were some standouts and some misses, but overall, things tipped to the good side. Especially because the prices weren't obnoxious. You'd be surprised how many people slap on a nouveau in front of the word Chinese and all of a sudden things go haywire. 

Ling cod foreground, pork belly background
Bambudda is known for their cocktails which are creative to say the least. The restaurant itself had a regal flair without being unwelcoming or pretentious. Service was warm, engaging and attentive: our waters were always full, the bartenders had a heavy pour, the food was pretty and they seemed to genuinely care whether we enjoyed our meal. We did. Especially the potato vermicelli. I don't know what they did to the mushrooms but they were stellar - lightly fried and flavour bomb. I also liked the ling cod served in a sweet and sour style, although my dinner companions thought it was overcooked. I didn't notice. 

The misses were the crisp tofu - pretty pedestrian - and the pork dumplings with watercress sauce and pickled ginger salad. Now it's half my fault I didn't like it. I was expecting dumplings in a more traditional sense - like Hon's potsticker in Vancouver or Mother's Dumplings in Toronto, but not a version of sui mai. Never anticipate as it can ruin your experience, but I didn't like the flavours anyway, and that's their fault.

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